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  • Native language is the magic key to a client's heart, mind, and wallet: A former Federal Chancellor of Germany, Willy Brandt, said: "If I sell, I speak your language. If I buy, you must speak German."
  • Conclusively get your message across: With a multilingual company site you don't have to worry that any potential client misinterprets your message or fails to read on because they don't understand the text.
  • Increasing customer loyalty: A multilingual website created with potential clients' comfort in mind conveys your respect for them, their language, and culture – and increases customer loyalty both for potential and existing clients.
  • Attention means retention: Localization will increase the advertising impact of the site, as the native language is not only more understandable, but also much more convincing and emotionally charged.
  • Retention makes your brand image stronger: A site translated into many languages immediately makes it clear that you are an established company with international presence.


  • Not good enough for marketing content: Machine Translation (MT) Systems are still far from perfect, even ChatGPT (We can tell you why!)
  • Cliched phrases: MTs are trained on the standard, commonly used texts and marketing templates grabbed from the Web.
  • False polishing and homogenization: MT offers the most frequently used translations, so it can describe your goods and services in exactly the same way your competitors had already done with their similar offerings.

If you want to differentiate your website’s content, tone, and voice, use the high quality, culturally adapted, and unique translations hand-made by professionals, not the machines.


SEO is not only about selecting proper keywords

Search Engine Optimization has been one of the major tools to put digital marketing into action. Earlier, SEO meant just the analysis of keyword density and implementing special techniques of matching heading tags. Today, the ranking algorithms of search engines are constantly evolving, including, in particular, mechanisms for detection of SEO cheats among genuine websites – those we consider today as websites with high-quality content. Therefore, current understanding of SEO optimization is far more complicated.

Google Analytics and other SEO tools

Most of the global market search engine optimization still belongs to Google. Google Analytics tools provide all the necessary information for correct landing page layout. You can track the efficiency of keywords chosen and other factors using the SEO tools. You may find these systems quite complicated, but do not worry – we will help you to understand and apply them better!

Multilingual SEO

It's not enough to simply translate your website's keywords into any other language. That other language may have a significantly different set of keywords for a given subject matter. So, localization of keywords is the task of searching for the right keywords in the target language and culture.

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