5 November


Goldpan is a multi-functional TMX/TBX file editor and file format converter made by Logrus Global. It is indispensable for preparing data sets used to train machine translation (MT) engines, whether they are statistical (SMT) or neural network-based (NMT). Version 3.3 has been released.

11 June

TermLode plug-in connects SDL Trados Studio to the Logrus Global TermLode cloud terminology database

Logrus Global released a free terminology plug-in connecting SDL Trados Studio to Logrus Global TermLode cloud terminology database.

29 April

Perfectionist: The Next Generation Translation Quality Evaluation Service for Logrus Global Localization Cloud

The cloud-based solution built on the recent advancements in LQA theory got positive feedback.

8 June

RIGORA: New Linguistic Quality Assessment Tool Released by Logrus Global

RIGORA 1.0 ALPHA is a technical and linguistic quality assessment (QA) tool from Logrus Global Software Development Team.

17 May

The latest cloud-based simultaneous interpretation technologies are available for clients through the strategic collaboration of the Logrus Global and SPEAKUS teams

Logrus Global has entered into a partnership agreement with SPEAKUS, creating an advanced simultaneous interpretation service on a cloud platform. Now simultaneous interpretation is possible without the use of bulky equipment, via the Internet.

28 March

GALA TAPICC Initiative Presented at Omniscien Technologies Symposium on Language Technologies

Serge Gladkoff (Logrus Global CEO) presented the latest results of GALA Translation API Cases and Classes (TAPICC) project at symposium on AI, MT and Language Processing held by Omniscien Technologies company on March 26-28.

21 February

Goldpan TMX/TBX Editor updated to version 3.1

Logrus Global, a technology-savvy LSP and localization technology developer, is happy to announce the new release of its state-of-the-art Goldpan TMX/TBX Editor now upgraded to version 3.1.

18 October

Goldpan TMX/TBX Editor 3.0 — a brand new version of free TMX/TBX Editor released by Logrus Global

Logrus Global, a technology-savvy LSP and localization technology developer, is happy to announce the next major release of its state-of-the-art TMX editor now upgraded to Goldpan TMX/TBX Editor 3.0. This version provides a brand new functionality of editing TBX files and modern look-and-feel of ribbon-like menus.

16 October

New high-performing terminology extraction tool released by Logrus Global

Logrus Global, a technology-savvy LSP and localization technology developer, is very proud to announce its state-of-the-art terminology extraction tool: Prospector. It uses a combination of proprietary linguistic algorithms and semantic relevancy measures to effectively identify terms.

27 September

The Logrus Global team has completed construction of its new audio/video studio, "White Hall".

We are pleased to announce that our new multimedia studio is ready, and is capable of not only audio recording, but also photo and video shooting!

31 July

TAPICC - Towards Universal Compatibility: Moving on to Software Development

The major organizational events to launch the TAPICC (Translation API Classes and Cases) project are finished, and the Management Committee is moving to the next stage: to create and ensure full functionality of working groups aimed at producing the first practical results of the project.

25 July

Video game localization as an art form: the LocJam Contest results are ready

The results of the contest for amateur and professional video game localizers - LocJam - are ready! Logrus Global specialists, who were among the jurors this year, studied the works thoroughly to pick the winners.

3 July

Logrus Global ranks 8th among 20 of the largest localization service providers (LSP) in Eastern Europe

Newsflash! Logrus Global ranks 8th among 20 of the largest localization service providers (LSP) in Eastern Europe. These rankings have just been published by the independent market research firm Common Sense Advisory

15 May


Logrus Global is one of the earliest companies to help kick off project TAPICC (Translation API Classes and Cases). Its goal is to facilitate effective, convenient and simple interaction between all parties in the translation industry.

12 May

SDL Trados Studio 2017: spring update and spring cold

Despite the cold weather, the nature takes its course. Update of SDL Trados Studio - the universal software for translators - is just as unavoidable as the warmth coming after the long winter and snowfall of May 2017. Moving on to 2017 version!

5 May

Consequences of switching the Kazakh alphabet to the Latin alphabet for the translation industry

In an article published on the Kazakhstan Government portal on April 12, President Nursultan Nazarbayev said the Kazakh alphabet would soon be switched to the Latin alphabet.

23 February

Winds of eLearning: Boredom and apathy are not allowed!

At the beginning of February, Logrus Global LLC participated in the annual Learning Technologies & Learning Skills 2017 Showcase in London. Company products were presented; Logrus Global shared its original and comprehensive way of eLearning product creation.

12 February

Translation is made easier: new API standard for translation industry

Logrus Global Company together with partners initiated the TAPICC (Translation API Classes and Cases) project, which aims at streamlining and facilitating the interaction between all participants in the market of translation services. The main objective of the project is working out a universal API standard that will allow for uniform interaction of all programs and services employed in the translation industry by its different users: service providers, customers and software developers.

2 February

Software Developers Pull Closer to Global Market by Means of MAT 4.0

Striving for success and independency calls for determination, expert knowledge and flexibility of the character. On the other hand, success does not only depend on the level of entrepreneurship, but also on how wide the covered audience is. It is impossible to imagine the modern world without a number of companies and products from various countries, which have held strong positions in the global market. Their prosperity, however, would be impossible without translation. That is why it is also very important for software developers to hear about news in the field of multilingual localization.

28 January

Translator's Code of Ethics - currently in Multilingual Computing and Technology

Any kind of business relationship is based on trust. Regardless of whether you order or provide a service, you expect that both sides will strictly adhere to previously reached agreements. However, it is not always possible to predict or specify everything. Translation services are among the most vulnerable ones in this respect. It is true for both a customer and a provider, who often do not even know each other and live in different countries with varying laws. What will guarantee mutual trust and confidence for both parties besides an agreement?