Our company has specialized in integrated development of e-learning systems for several years. Some of our clients are the "sharks" of the digital market, such as Microsoft, Oracle and NETg, as well as the world's leading universities.

The hallmark of our courses is the unique and original design, which turns a boring course into exciting experience. People complete courses created by our designers with great pleasure and show better results in the end. It is attributed to the fact that interest of students is a core factor that determines how well learning materials are mastered.

Therefore, our courses stand out from the crowd - we use an artistic approach when creating them, and our students appreciate our endeavors.

Our services include:

  • Project development;
  • Original design of learning materials;
  • Realization, deployment and future support;
  • Adapting the systems according to customer requirements;
  • Localization of learning materials (photos, video, and text);
  • Training of client's personnel to work with the system;
  • Configuring of the e-learning management system automated process.