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Information Technologies


IT became the foundation of breakthrough technologies such as 3D printing, nanomaterials, new alloys and composites, virtual quantitative design and testing of complex systems, built-in microelectronics for IoT, as well as the virtual and augmented reality, and, finally, AI.


IT content is extremely diverse and includes software for desktop, server, and mobile platforms, as well as the content of web sites, e-learning courses, technical specifications, user manuals, technical support systems, and enterprise management systems.


The very industry of software localization was created by the largest IT customers in the early 1990s. These companies were the first to introduce advanced technical tools, establish localization processes, and create their own systems of requirements and certifications. We are one of the most experienced and advanced providers of translation services who has worked in the localization industry from the very beginning.


We meet the requirements of today’s IT industry regarding very fast translation of content of any kind into any language as well as special technical equipment for connecting the translation workflows with the processes of content development and data exchange automation.

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