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Since the early 1990s, we have been the powerhouse of globalization for the most demanding global multinationals, as well as many national industry leaders, midsize firms, and startups.

Our team has done numerous large-scale software and game localization projects with very tight deadlines, using the help of sophisticated technologies, delivering outstanding translation quality, and demonstrating the highest level of service and cooperation with our clients.

Our solution architects and technical experts can find the best possible localization solution for our seasoned project managers to implement it. Our software developers and engineers have developed multi-purpose localization toolsets to solve all kinds of technical problems. Our tools and technologies are available to our clients and partners on the Logrus Global Localization Cloud platform.

Our business grew when all projects were waterfall, then moved to agile before this term was coined up, and today, we perform continuous localization for our leading clients.

We have unique technical knowledge and translation experience in ERP/CAD/CAM/CAE/PLN domains. We are proud to be an SAP Language Service provider and an SAP Partner Edge program partner.

We were among the very first companies to start game localization in Eastern Europe, releasing more than 250 games since then.

One of our specializations is medical translations, which require deep knowledge in several subject areas and strict adherence to the regulatory requirements.

We have been actively involved in the standardization of the translation industry within the ASTM standardization organization for a long time.

Our creative design department has been doing graphic art for leading graphic companies for many years.

What makes us different is the outstanding internal team of project managers and language professionals, a strong and powerful R&D team, a multinational network of partners and experts, the know-how in quality assurance and terminology management, deep expertise in modern linguistic AI and its applications in localization, the long-term commitment to perfection, and the highest level of services.

Please, see our publications and contact us so we can help you grow globally on local markets.

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