The market for cars and trucks has already been global for some time now. If you exclude the very narrow premium segment of this market, the automotive industry has a high sales competition for mass consumers, which are largely the focus of marketing efforts. Simply "translating" an advert into another language doesn't work – practically all advertisements have to be rewritten. On the other hand , a car is a complex product, which comes with a large amount of technical documentation. The proper translation of such materials requires the involvement of automotive industry experts with a good grasp of the terminology and nuances within the industry.


The automotive industry differentiates itself by the strong 'polarization' of content: purely technical guides for users and maintenance professionals are combined with promotional texts. The only limit is the imagination of copywriters. Such a variety of styles and the large proportion of the materials produced in print place special demands on translation service providers. Only professional multilingual translation companies can provide the full range of localization services for both the mass market and premium segment, including the adaptation of graphics, videos, layouts, and print media. Experience shows that the optimal choice is the medium-sized translation company which already knows how to do the necessary type of work quite well and through their own resources by virtue of their accumulated experience. This ensures the ideal workflow to avoid the unpleasant tendencies familiar to everyone who has worked with a huge corporation.


In addition to providing a multilingual corporate site, car manufacturers need to support the promotion of their products on the ground through a network of dealers whose website content advertising must meet manufacturer requirements. The translation of websites and the integration of translation tools with corporate content management systems is one of the many specialties of Logrus Global, which retains its own strong team of web developers.


The existence of various divisions, branches, representative offices, production facilities, and service centers operating across several countries dramatically increases the volume of internal correspondence at automotive corporations. Even if a single language is used for managerial correspondence, regional divisions will still require the translation of internal information into their language of corporate communication. Furthermore, legal business support across multiple regions similarly requires translations into various languages.

For the translation of internal correspondence, machine translation (MT) is the most widely used method. However, from this arises the challenge of setting up MT to respect corporate terminology and the issue of confidential information, which cannot be 'released' to publicly used MT servers. Logrus Global and its technological partners offer a comprehensive solution for hosting IP servers based upon neural networks functioning within the wider enterprise network. Logrus also provides solutions to integrate MT with communication channels as well as to extract and streamline corporate terminology as well as provides on-site MT training.


In addition to intracorporate document management, current multilingual content is generated in huge volumes by the cars themselves when they connect to the Internet of things, as do the systems for collecting buyer preference statistics across different countries as well as the systems responsible for the collection of maintenance request statistics. This information accumulates in various databases and is the subject of a large amount data analysis. Due to the fact that this information is transmitted across different languages, it needs to be filtered and translated quickly, and this is only feasible by providing automated access to information on the API interface level. The programmers at Logrus Global have extensive experience developing tools for analyzing structured content and integrating translations, including machine translations, with customer information systems through API.


It is necessary to provide staff with advertising, maintenance, and repair service support on site to ensure the successful sale of cars in any country. Logrus has not only localized and adapted marketing materials for local vendors and advertising agents, but it also has experience working with internal instructions and sales methodologies. In our experience, there is a real need for training courses for both sellers and maintenance and repair specialists. Logrus Global offers a full range of services for organizing the e-training of personnel, from selecting the right e-Learning platform to the development of customized training courses.