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Translation Services

Logrus Global provides a full range of high-quality translation services to a variety of industries, using the most advanced QA technologies


The role of terminology in technical translation is quite extensive. Terminology in any subject area is a numerous puzzle consisting of tens of thousands of pieces, among which there cannot be the same ones that mean different things or different ones with the same meaning. The whole system must be harmonious, consistent and clear. This is the challenge that typically cannot be tackled by a "linguist" who does not specialize in the field and simply does not understand what it is all about. Not to mention that one word can be a term with different meaning in different subject areas. That is why a good technical translator always specializes in the particular field.

Medicine and Healthcare
Medicine and healthcare
Business Solutions
Business solutions
IoT and AI
IoT and AI
Aviation and Aeronavigation
Aviation and aeronavigation

Top-notch technical translators are specialists in various fields. With their subject matter expertise, they must also have a literary gift and present information in a clear manner - even though there are thousands of terms and only context determines when this or that term should be used. An ideal technical translation is creating a mosaic of the Taj Mahal - flawless from the technical standpoint, but also very beautiful. Any terminology error can significantly complicate working with a system that is already very difficult. Especially if an abbreviation is out of place. A marketing translation, on the other hand, must be presented in a highly artistic manner and sound naturally for the target audience. We help translators to provide a top-notch quality in each and every project we handle.


Over and over again, as we struggle to meet tighter and tighter deadlines while managing costs, we ask ourselves, “Is it possible that something as fascinating as human language can be squeezed into a Procrustean box rife with MT, mechanical processing and unqualified providers? To meet highest quality requirements of our clients, we are developing and using our own set of translation quality assurance and productivity tools. We also offer these tools for our clients and partners. You are welcome to use our LQA tools and services as is with pre-defined LQA metrics, or you can ask us to tailor the service to your own LQA metrics. Professional, trained terminologists and linguists are available for all languages.


A cloud-based LQA tool


The most powerful desktop technical and linguistic quality assurance (QA) tool for supporting localization of software and other content into any language


An application family that offers a client-server, cloud-based terminology database solution, consisting of the TermLode terminology database with Trados connection, the Omnitran search application and the Prospector terminology extractor


A free, simple to use yet powerful desktop TMX/TBX Editor


  • Translation Samples: Request a test translation to evaluate our services for free!
  • Internal Translation Quality procedures to meet or exceed the standard requirements
  • Updating glossaries during translation to keep the terminology up-to-date
  • Creating glossaries from any reference content for better translation consistency
  • Updating and cleaning up translation memories for better translation matching
  • Creating translation memories from any unstructured monolingual documents with the unique Paralela bilingual alignment technology to utilize the legacy linguistic assets
  • Access to leading Machine Translation providers via our own Hakutaku MT Hub
  • Machine Translation models training and secure MT services deployment


  • Multilingual DTP and OCR
  • Creative and Graphic Design
  • Translation certification and notarization
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