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Software Localization

Logrus Global provides a full range of software localization services, including software testing, and uses the most advanced QA technologies


Software Localization is much more difficult than "simple translation" and involves the following "dimensions of complexity":

  • Restrictions on text length
  • Preservation and correct modification of metadata, code, control characters and variables that are not always separate from the translated text
  • Ensuring the accuracy of multi-level substitutions of text fragments in the form of variables
  • Resizing and in the most severe of cases, a complete alteration of appearance of dialogue boxes
  • Adaptation of all types of content (numbers, table formats, special signs, terms)
  • Adaptation and localization of graphics
  • Accounting for technical traditions and standards of the target country
  • The documentation also needs to be localized and made consistent with the software


For more than 30 years, we have been providing multilingual software localization for the leading global brands while developing our own tools and processes:

  • Our experience with the continuous localization process is not limited to the GitHub+Crowdin "gold standard" workflow.
  • Now we have enriched the standard continuous localization workflow with our own productivity and QA tools and API integrations which makes our services stand out.
  • We have tools, experience, knowledge, and solutions for all content types, including software, user manuals, and marketing materials.
  • We offer not only the human translations of highest quality, but also an advanced machine translation technology with a unique post-editing process, with all the speed and cost gains, but no quality compromises.


After the software is localized and assembled, it must be tested, errors logged and then corrected, and regression testing done.


We entered the emerging software localization market in the early 1990s.

Since then, we have been providing multilingual software localization services to the leading software manufacturers, such as Microsoft, Borland, IBM, Oracle, SAP, and many others.

See our software localization history here.


  • Localization of operating systems, enterprise management systems (ERP) and business applications
  • Qualified translators and editors
  • Flexible high-quality project management
  • An internal team of software engineers, developers, and testers
  • A comprehensive set of utilities for solving technical problems with software resources
  • Rich experience with pursuing client terminology
  • Integration with complicated software localization tools and processes at client’s side
  • In-depth knowledge of translation quality evaluation
  • Support of rare languages
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