When you place an order for translation, it is important to understand that only a native speaker of the target language can translate into it. Rare exceptions only confirm this rule.

The provider of your choice must guarantee that this requirement will be met. They also must ensure that the material will not be handled by a dozen of other service providers, because information will always be lost and quality will inevitably suffer with each additional step. In other words, they must outsource the project to a maximum of one contractor - native speaker - and the provider must thoroughly control and be fully responsible for this one level.

All projects are different. Your needs and desired product define the project's configuration. That is why the very first step of cooperation is discussion of your goals.

Let us suppose, however, that you need to translate a large volume of technical documents, marketing materials, lines of user interface, or multimedia.

You have to be one-hundred-percent sure that your provider's representative that took on the task of translating your project into five or ten languages will correctly select the part that needs to be translated and sort through thousands of possible file formats, programming tools, and codes. Then, after getting the contractors ready, the provider will prepare the project in an approved and acceptable format, distribute it to their permanent, professional, and reliable partners, and will discuss and confirm with them all details and deadlines. After the provider receives all translations in a timely manner, they will check them in terms of technology and linguistics, collect the final materials, and conduct all necessary testing, assembling, formatting and other related works. As a result, the provider will send you back the materials on time and in perfect condition from both technical and linguistic standpoints. It is possible that the provider will send the document back a little bit earlier due to the fact that the project manager left some extra time for the project to be completed.

This masterful arrangement with its numerous operations is almost like juggling - the balls seem to be flying by themselves, and the hands of the juggler just push them at the time with precise and professional movements.

The effortlessness of the procedure is just an illusion. The relationships with contractors - who have to be very reliable and good - must be solid to make sure that they will take on a job with an existing contract. Service providers must be qualified and responsible individuals. It is important to have several of them, because even the most trusted contractor may decline a job if they are too busy. All technical issues must be resolved by the time of distribution, and the project plan must be drafted. It is obligatory to include the quality assessment step before the delivering the job.

This is due to the fact that it is necessary to check the material for presence of technical, terminological and linguistic errors even if the project was completed by the most qualified and reliable translator or company (especially in the case of rare languages). All texts must be reviewed by native speakers unless specified otherwise. Before the material is delivered, we always perform one last check. We never send files off without opening them first - this check is called "the final eye".

Verification has to be fast, reliable, of high quality, representative, and professional.

The entire procedure must be set up in such a way as to allow for a reasonable price.

All technical difficulties that may arise in regards to materials must be resolved in a timely manner. Therefore, the company must employ engineers and programmers on a permanent basis.

All of the mentioned points require streamlined processes, availability of technical means and tools, well-organized service provider relations departments, quality assurance methods and departments, qualified and experienced project managers, automation tools for process, content and translation memory management, ability to work with modern technical tools, and much more.

We have all of the above at our disposal, and we can complete multilingual translation tasks into 30-100 languages for the biggest and most complicated projects within tight deadlines - just as we have already done for our reputed clients. We also work on small projects. Please feel free to contact us at any time!