5 Juni

Hi Roman,

We’ve got an Over-achievement for this project for Batch 1. Thanks for your good quality.


5 Juni

I like to thank you…and all other of Logrus for your great support and help on <*>

Looking forward to work with you again.

All the best,


22 Mai

I spoke with <**> who was on-site during the event and informed me that the translator was excellent and most helpful.  

So thank you again for being able to provide <*> with a valuable resource.

21 Mai

During March 2013, <*> ran a project to validate printing of cheques. Logrus checked this and rechecked the words that would be printed on teh cheques to ensure that they complied with the linguistic standards. Their help was invaluable and was not related to any on going <***> project.

<*> have expressed their appreciation for their assistance as they would not have been able to complete the project without Logrus's aid.

15 Mai

Thanks, Yuri!

Also please do pass on my sincere thanks to all your team!!! I really do appreciate everybody’s efforts with this job.

Best regards,


2 Mai

Thanks to your hard efforts despite of the public holiday, we could complete this urgent project!

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you all.

Warmest regards,


22 April

We just got <*> feedback on your termlist, they think your translations to be of a very high quality.



28 Januar

Likelihood of Working Again (LWA): 5 *

Comment: Very competent, responsible and mindful staff. No delays in payment. Our long-term collaboration was very helpful.

PROZ.com Board Board entry


28 Dezember

Hi Valeria,

thank you for sending….we place this to the system for payment.

Again thank you so much for the great support and excellent work.

Looking forward


18 Dezember

Dear RU partner,

Thank you again for your completion in system.
Please find attached the proofreader’s comment.

Warm regards,


5 Dezember

In the meantime, here is a small feedback we got from the actors recording the lines: 

The actors said that it was really impressive work, and that the translations were extremely natural-sounding and appropriate to the situation/context. The actors said it was some of the best translations they had seen for this kind of voice work.

So well done! And keep up the good work!


29 November

Likelihood of Working Again (LWA): 5 *

Interesting projects, friendly and helpful staff, payment always without delays. Thank you!

PROZ.com Board Board entry

6 November

Thanks a lot for your support in the project ** ! I have evaluated your performance during the project based on the following five criteria:

Category Result Comment
Deadline compliance and delivery completeness Meets expectations Good job
Quality of deliverables N/A N/A
Communication Meets expectations Good job
Scalability/Responsiveness Above expectations Great job done since volume was high, translation start many time postponed and timeframe short.
Technical expertise Meets expectations Good job

Looking forward to working with you in the next project!


25 Oktober

Hi Valeria,

Again thank you so much for the great support and excellent work.

Looking forward


25 Oktober

Fantastic.  It's so good to see there is someone out there I can trust. I totally appreciate the fixing.


12 Oktober

Hi Igor,

We re-tested your work on the during_download and are happy!

I will revert with a sample URL for the facebook campaign soon.



4 Oktober

We scored excellent with your localization which is a clear sign that we are dealing with the right localizers from our end.


17 September

Dear Rosa, thank you so much for the perfect translation.

thank you,
kind regards,


24 August

Dear Partners,

I’m glad to inform you that translation quality of this project has been rated by out testers as very good. Thanks for doing great job!

Thank you very much,
Kind Regards


9 August

You did a great job last time and we would like you to take on this work again for this client.