Success of any company is largely determined by the kind of people who work for this company. It is possible to imitate or duplicate almost everything: strategies, technologies, management model. The only exception is an individual whose talents are beyond "cloning". That is why staff development, as well as attracting high-potential staff, have to be the strategic objectives on the way to success.

The first e-learning elements appeared in the late 1980s - in the period of PC popularity boom at home and at work. The e-learning rise was accompanied by development of digital technologies - a need for efficient methods of knowledge creation and transfer arose in the rapidly changing world. This trend is still gaining traction.

One of the key methods of company's human resources development is a competently organized system of personnel training. It is very important for businesses to train personnel in a large-scale, economical and efficient manner, and there is no way to manage without e-learning.

Programs of in-house training, advanced vocational training, competence assessment and certification are very important for modern corporations and cannot exist without e-learning.

Main Advantages of Internal E-Learning for Business

  • Effective dissemination of knowledge:  a course that was once developed may be used for training of any number of employees;
  • Wide availability:  it is possible to organize the learning process at any time from anywhere;
  • Analytics and reporting:  e-learning course status, progress and difficulties encountered by a certain employee can be easily monitored and the results can be easily verified. It is possible to make effective management decisions based on this information;
  • Scalability: modern e-learning technologies allow for creating extensive courses and for updating them with new information on a regular basis;
  • Individual approach:  corporate "libraries", tutorials, tests, performance assessment systems, etc. are developed individually for each company and can include a great number of additional options - from personnel rating to a complex system of reporting and analytics;
  • High level of employee engagement: employees  are more willingly drawn into the training process thanks to the unusual design, exciting content, rating systems and interesting forms of learning materials' presentation;
  • Saving on professional education of personnel:  there is no need to hire a high-priced specialist for implementing the learning program.

E-learning tools help make professional learning interesting, transparent, effective and cost-efficient.

Turnkey e-learning

Our company has specialized in integrated development of e-learning systems for several years. Some of our clients are the "sharks" of the digital market, such as Microsoft, Oracle and NETg, as well as the world's leading universities.

The hallmark of our courses is the unique and original design, which turns a boring course into exciting experience. People complete courses created by our designers with great pleasure and show better results in the end. It is attributed to the fact that interest of students is a core factor that determines how well learning materials are mastered.

Therefore, our courses stand out from the crowd - we use an artistic approach when creating them, and our students appreciate our endeavors.

Our services include:

  • Project development;
  • Original design of learning materials;
  • Realization, deployment and future support;
  • Adapting the systems according to customer requirements;
  • Localization of learning materials (photos, video, and text);
  • Training of client's personnel to work with the system;
  • Configuring of the e-learning management system automated process.

Still got questions?

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