6 Januar

Hi Serge, I will say that I have been blown away by the speed and efficiency this week – thank you and your team so much for a smooth kick off!

3 Januar

Hallo Elena, hier ein positives Feedback unseres Kunden zu den o.g. Projekten, welches wir sehr gerne an Dich weiterleiten: Anmerkung: all diese Übersetzungen sind echt Klasse!


14 Dezember

We have received very positive feedback (“very good translation”) on the documents that you have translated for the certification. ...
Please share a big thank you with the translators for their great work!
We would love to have the same translators work on this translation.


22 Oktober

Hi Alexander,
as always – amazing – thank you very much!


23 Juli

You are the best. THANK YOU!


19 Juli

Alexander, you ARE heaven!!! Thank you so, so much :)
Best regards, K.


25 Juni

Awesome, Artem! Thanks so much for the support and delivering within such tight deadline!


27 Mai

Hi Alexander,
This looks amazing – thanks so much for the fast implementation!!


30 März

I am writing to thank YOU again for your help on this rushed project and just wanted to let you know that client appreciated the time and the effort that you've contributed to the project!
You have been awesome!!
I also just wanted to share the client's appreciation note below:
A big thank you to <name> team for all your hard work on the <project> - all 10 batches (85 languages in total) delivered on time to tight deadlines, flexibility with changing deadlines/requests, great communication, and fast turnaround of amends.


5 März

Hi Alexander,
as always, looks brilliant – thanks so much!


1 März

Good afternoon Alexander,
I hope this finds you doing well. We had today the quarterly quality meeting with <Customer>. This is just to let you know they are very happy with the translation quality achieved so far. Please continue with the great job sending queries to your linguist and reaching out if any issues or doubts arise 😊. ...
Thanks again for your effort,



10 September

Thanks Roza,
You guys are amazing!


26 August

Dear Evgeny,
I was able to deliver this project to my client ahead of schedule.
This is extremely helpful and they are sending a big thank you!
Your support is very much appreciated.


13 August

Dear Evgeny,
This is extremely helpful and very much appreciated.
A huge thank you also from our internal client.


26 Mai

Wow, guys, that’s perfect!
Thanks a lot for your help!
Fast and perfect :)


22 April

Thanks a lot Alexander !
Appreciate your quick turnaround time and flexibility !!!


14 Februar

Hi Victor,
Just want to let you know, translation is excellent.


17 Januar

Dear [Project Name] Linguist,
The fruit of your labor can be seen below on the links to the Landing pages. We are not required to review, we don’t actually have to do anything but admire the work done. Thank you so very much for everything, you did an amazing job. Hopefully we can work together in 2020 again!


15 Januar

Hi Victor,
Just to let you know, the translation is perfect.



20 Dezember

Dear all,
Many, many thanks for all your support for the [Project Name] in this year. This was an unbelievable project with a happy customer. Surely the best project in my time at [Customer].
Thanks to you! You made this possible!