When it comes to portraying the image you want to represent your company with, infographics play a leading role shaping perceptions and opening business doorways. An infographic is a “visual representation of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly”. A thousand words must go into a single picture without being overly complicated and incomprehensible. It must be a fine work of art and a simple message at the same time. A truly effective infographic must stay lasting in the memory of the customer and firmly stand out from the crowd.

So, how does this important art form affect your business? Today, there is an incredibly large amount of information being transmitted around the world, and it is quite complicated to handle it all and find the “right thing” for your business in the “vast ocean” of online services and offers. Relatively short attention spans don't permit average consumers to fully perceive all the symbols and images they are looking at, especially when people are under severe time constraints. At the same time our brain grasps symbols in a single flash. Remember, how you would hear stories that painted beautiful colorful pictures when you were a small child, when you couldn't even read or when you had just seen the book for the very first time. This perception of imagery was primarily due to memory training which helps to create the mental image, which is then kept firmly in mind.

Infographics combine ways of solving all of these important issues. They allow us to structure and simplify information, decrease overall perception time, encourage direct attention and help maintain an image in human memory for longer periods of time! Truly artistic and clever infographics are capable of sending a lasting message as well as even affecting the economic indexes of a company! For example, USA Today which was founded in 1982, turned out to be one of the leading newspapers in response to innovation — primarily due to providing detailed, clear and concise pictures with colorful comments. And world famous magazines such as Esquire and The New Yorker have consistently invested in infographics specialists because they have no doubt about their resolute, selling potency!

By this point, you are probably quite sure that infographics play an important and necessity role for your business, due to them being used for advertising, as well as for training and entertainment. The next challenge is relatively small but of quite large importance — that is, to find real masterful artists, if you so wish, who can handle the task at hand regardless of any complexity, while also producing outstanding, high-quality work. Logrus Global provides a team of professionals, who have all the talent, skills and state-of-the-art tools necessary to create impressive infographics of every kind — whether they be statistical, dynamic or interactive. We produce meaningful infographics that will help your business thrive.