The role of the translator is one of the most ancient professions and it clearly shows that translation was always a highly required practice.

Oral translators (interpreters) had appeared even before the system of writing was created.

Translators left markings on stone, which allowed us to assess the past and look into the cradle of cultures.

Translations of sacred texts have affected human consciousness through the ages.

The Industrial Revolution fostered the beginnings of technical translation.

The constant flow of information keeps translation capacity constantly increasing.

Today, it is impossible to operate in the huge global market and gain access to the international treasury of knowledge without translation.

The varying roles of translation continue to evolve. Technical translation tools have become more involved with the practice. Translation has reached into new topical areas, forms openings and occupations, which call for particular professional knowledge.

We perform more than just software translation – we develop, test and produce programs, and we are able to solve technical problems related to them.

We conduct more than just translation for production – we possess a wide array of knowledge in every fields of business management, from HR and Finance to Warehousing, Transportation, Logistics and other related business areas.

We do more than just translation of eLearning - we are fully capable of creating it.

We create more than Websites and Marketing Tests translation – our specialists are in position to create designs, banners, brochures, logos and signatures, as well as adapting (localizing) the message to the targeted audience and specific culture.

Translation variations listed below apply to more than “just translation” – they are the demands of today.

All of these important points are essential for our clients, and we handle them efficiently, professionally and in an expedited manner by employing highly-qualified personnel and demonstrating the high level of service and use of modern technologies that global corporations have come to expect.