Fanatic followers of classics of literary translation are adamant that it is not allowed to repeat the same word twice on one page. That is why the concept of terminology - the same and only translation of one term - goes against their professional instincts.

However, for a dedicated techie, style bears hardly any importance whatsoever. Therefore, technical translators create texts that are more similar to "machine-readable format". People like that sometimes switch to binary code for clarity, and in the old days, they used to be able to read punched cards easily.

The role of terminology in technical translation is quite extensive. Terminology in any subject area is a numerous puzzle consisting of tens of thousands of pieces, among which there cannot be the same ones that mean different things or different ones with the same meaning. The whole system must be harmonious, consistent and clear. This is the challenge that typically cannot be tackled by a "linguist" who does not specialize in the field and simply does not understand what it is all about. Not to mention that one word can be a term with different meaning in different subject areas (FUUUUUUU).

That is why a good technical translator always specializes in the particular field.

Top-notch technical translators are specialists in various fields.

With their target audience in mind, they must also have a literary gift, that is, to refrain from using "empty" words twice on one page, and, as far as possible, not to overdo it with terms in order to save their readers from going the extra mile to find out "who was standing on top of who".

Thus, a good technical translation is creating a mosaic of the Taj Mahal - flawless from the technical standpoint, but also very beautiful.

Imagine a beautiful, clear medical text.

Imagine a manual for a warehouse management system that is pleasant to read and that presents information in a clear manner - even though there are thousands of terms and only context determines when this or that term should be used (the same process can be described differently in transport and resource management modules). A terminology error can significantly complicate working with a system that is already very difficult. Especially if an abbreviation is out of place (oy vey!)

A marketing translation, on the other hand, must be presented in a highly artistic manner. Do not forget that a customer has also read classics of literary translation. And they also have their own opinion as a native speaker (cha-cha-cha!).

This is SAP, baby. This is Oracle. This is PTC. This is a technical translation. This is top-notch quality.

Here we need people who have been doing it professionally for the most part of their lives.

Bring your technical text to us. And everybody will be happy in the end.