Just a few years ago, search engine optimization, or SEO-optimization (SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization) was one of the major means to put digital marketing into action. However, earlier, when search engine indexing algorithms were less sophisticated and could be easily bypassed, SEO meant just the analysis of keywords density and implementing special techniques of matching heading tags. But ranking algorithms of search engines are constantly evolving, including, in particular, mechanisms of detection SEO cheats among genuine websites - those we consider today as websites with high-quality content. Therefore, current understanding of SEO optimization is far more complicated and deep.

Keyword is search

Search optimization is not a new term. It must be repeated - its meaning has dramatically changed over the recent years. To achieve significant progress in search engine optimization, it is necessary to be very well-informed about web surfing issues and keyword query processing mechanisms.

Use familiar language while communicating with search engines.

67% of the global market search engine optimization belongs to Google. As it does not have any competitors in most of the countries in the world, it leaves no other choice for your foreign colleagues - digital marketers - but to cooperate with Google.

Google Analytics tools provide all necessary information for correct landing page layout. You can track the efficiency of keywords chosen and other factors using the SEO tools. You may find these systems quite complicated, but do not worry - we will help you understand them better!

Mobile webpages

One of the essential requirements of digital marketing is that your webpage layout ensures optimal performance on mobile devices. It means that its mobile version should have the same user-friendly interface as its desktop one.

The higher the position of your website in search engines, the more rejection you face from mobile users if you do not create mobile versions of your pages for them. 57% of mobile users are prejudiced against companies that do not adapt their websites for mobile devices.

High-quality content

Creating a keyword list is not the cure-all of digital marketing and what is really important is a high-quality content. Most modern professionals agree that one of the major factors of SEO optimization is an increase of content volume and its high-level quality.

Perhaps, in other areas of human activity, intelligent machines and algorithms may be harmful, but in regards to search engine optimization, "smart" search algorithms let us be more honest, more productive and communicate with the world more effectively. That is why today it is not enough to just stuff a text with keywords. Creation of quality content calls for true professionals.

We have just the right professionals to make this happen for you.