Remarketing is a technique in digital marketing used to promote products, services and brands. It is also sometimes called retargeting. Remarketing, or retargeting, lets your online advertisement reach those users who have previously visited your webpage.

Why do you need remarketing?

In fact, most Internet users never buy anything during their first visit to a vendor's website. According to the most optimistic surveys, only 5% of users are ready to make an immediate purchase, while according to the most pessimistic ones - they amount to no more than 2%.

The same is true of e-mail marketing and online advertisements. It means that only multiple exposure of a consumer using means of digital marketing will allow you to attract their attention to such an extent that they would seriously consider making a purchase. Remarketing will do it for you!

How does it work?

Remarketing is the way to improve the situation. If your landing page is designed correctly, your visitors will always take the following steps:

  • User visits your website.
  • User leaves your website and goes to other websites.
  • While visiting other websites, they are still served your ads.
  • By clicking on the ad, they come back to your website...
  • Again and again...
  • ...until they buy something!

How is it done?

There are different webpage layouts. We install a special code fragment on your landing page, which will work every time a visitor enters the website, looks through product descriptions, fills in forms, etc. After processing, the information is either stored in the cookie files of the browser or is passed on to one of our partners - to a search engine, social media or advertising network.

Remarketing is a multichannel means of interaction with your customer. After any user has visited your landing page, you will be able to reach them with the help of several communication channels, searching for the most convenient of them. We are here to help you create all necessary templates of webpages and e-mail messages to make this happen.