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ProspectorLogrus Global has developed a tool that automatically extracts English terms from source texts.

Prospector is available to all registered users upon approval for free.

Please register, if you’d like to give it a go.

Any professional knows that having a good glossary is key to understanding and working with text, whether it’s a translation project or not.
We believe we’ve come up with an interesting solution to handling terminology.
All you need to do is upload your source text or Word file. The tool will extract your glossary into an Excel workbook.

Our solution is based on the world’s largest corpus of the English language supported by a Brigham Young University professor, and a unique algorithm developed by a team of in-house experts.
To be fair, term mining is very tricky and no program can do it perfectly.
The way we see it, the quality of such a tool is defined not only by how well it recognizes terms, but also by the amount of junk it extracts.
Mediocre term recognition tools extract little terminology and lots of junk.
Advanced term recognition tools extract both lots of terms and lots of junk.

In the end, you waste time cleaning it all up. To make things worse, many tools available today can process only text files.

Our term extraction system, which we named Prospector, has three great advantages:

  • It extracts a large number of terms
  • It extracts very little junk
  • It processes Word files and produces a glossary in Excel

This user-friendly time-saving tool is available to our partners and registered users free of charge.

Feel free to use it and don’t hesitate to give us feedback, since this is an alpha release and we want to do everything we can to improve it.