Are you a developmental editor with an eye for detail? A technical editor with a deep appreciation for sound translation? Candidates for this position will have the ability to bring out the best in highly technical topics.
In this role, you’ll collaborate with our translators, learn about our software products, and test procedures to inform your edits. You will also work across product families to manage terminology, and coordinate with other editors to enhance the quality of our documentation.

Types of materials.

  • language pairs: RU <-> EN.
  • specialization: various topics.
  • technical content, interface factsheets, encyclopedia factsheets, system messages, interface messages, lists of objects and skills for videogames characters, internal video games content: tasks, dialogues etc.

Minimum requirements:

  • correct style, grammar, punctuation
  • ensure the consistency of terminology
  • ensure that documents comply with the glossary
  • ensure that documents comply with corporate standards of the customer, technical task requirements and best localization practices (key words, symbols, structure, topic);
  • work with structured and unstructured documents, including MS Word, FrameMaker and DITA;
  • ensure that documents comply with current Technical Publications processes and policies;
  • perform developmental, technical, and copy editing on a large volume of content for a global audience
  • scale levels of edit to meet aggressive schedules and frequent release cycles.
  • review whole products: web pages, context-sensitive help, examples, error messages, and other information developed for customers.
  • mentor translators to improve clarity, conciseness, and consistency, with a focus on user-goal, topic-based authoring and lean writing.
  • collaborate with cross-functional teams to help evolve editorial standards and processes.

Additional responsibilities:

  • translating different types of content (including video games content)
  • using Trados Studio and terminology management
  • evaluating translations
  • creating of different types of materials and instructions



  • A bachelor's degree


  • 7 years of professional work experience (or a master's degree and 5 years of professional work experience, or a PhD degree)
  • doing developmental and substantive language edits on technical material, preferably for software products
  • 5-7 years relevant experience within translation
  • 5-7 years of technical writing

Language proficiency and skills:

  • Proficiency in English (grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, and language-specific slang; proficiency in using dictionaries, reading and translating without dictionaries). Proficiency in grammar and vocabulary. Experience of editing texts translated by non-native speakers.
  • Ability to comprehend Russian source for editing. Ability to analyze, identify and resolve variances in word meanings and ideas within a translated document so that none of the original information is lost in translation. Cultural references including slang terms, idioms and other phrases that do not translate literally are explained to the target audience. Ability to keep the voice, attitude and context of the original work intact during the translation process. Modify translations to meet the customer's experience.
  • Strong editing skills with the ability to understand technical content, editing for organization and flow, and add value to the usability of the documentation

Computer skills (experienced user):

  • Word: revision marks, templates, managing macros, text formatting
  • Excel: search, filtering, formatting
  • Outlook: e-mail, working with spam, message forwarding, attachments
  • Internet: web searching experience

Personal qualities:

  • diligence, precision, responsibility: careful editing of grammar mistakes, misprints
  • efficiency: stress resistance and ability to switch between tasks

Additional Qualifications:

  • B.A. in English, Russian, Journalism, Communications, IT or other related fields;
  • ability to edit with an emphasis on improving presentation on the web;
  • excellent communication and interpersonal skills with an interest in helping translators to improve their writing skills;
  • demonstrated editing experience;
  • foreign languages besides English;
  • experience with Trados, SDLX; Unix и MAC OS; HTML; SMTP, POP3; Windows services (Exchange Server, Microsoft Office Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express); AuthorIT;
  • basic knowledge of video games, gaming experience;
  • remote work experience;
  • corrector experience;
  • research experience.


  • work in a dynamic environment with true professionals;
  • regular payments in accordance with strict deadlines (the rate depends on the test results)
  • flexible working hours
  • instant professional development

To apply you need: