UK, London, February 1, 2017, Learning Technologies & Learning Skills 2017 Showcase

At the beginning of February, Logrus Global LLC participated in the annual Learning Technologies & Learning Skills 2017 Showcase in London. Company products were presented; Logrus Global shared its original and comprehensive way of eLearning product creation.

Logrus started as a software and multimedia translation and localization service company 25 years ago. The first eLearning course had been translated 15 years ago; eLearning is one of the fields where the Logrus Global team strives to not merely produce a comprehensive educational product, but also make it new, desirable and “yummy” for the audience.

“Coming from one of our large accounts, a request to take a fresh look at the eLearning process and create internal corporate training course materials was somewhat unexpected. Our client’s employees were inspired with the design authored by Serge Pushkin, the Head of the Creative Department. The original, nice and engaging design was what set apart the content created by our team, and turned uninspiring material into an exciting interactive performance which has significantly increased the attention span of our most demanding critics – our client’s employees, who were to do the internal training”, says Serge Gladkoff, CEO of Logrus Global

Nowadays the Logrus Global team is capable of executing the complete cycle of eLearning course creation, from the starting point of a formal and dry text, to engaging and original training courses, with completely new design and graphics.

23 February 2017

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