TermLode Logo We would like to introduce the TermLode terminology plug-in for SDL Trados Studio 2017, developed by Andrey Kopylev at the Logrus Global Company. The plugin enables translating terms in Trados Studio using the multilingual glossaries hosted at the Logrus Global TermLode cloud terminology database — a new corporate-grade termbase. With this plug-in, you will be able to:

  • find any terms quickly in the Logrus Global TermLode cloud termbase;
  • employ this cloud termbase to assist any translation and editing done in Trados;
  • select a termbase and a terminology domain in the base;
  • detect terms in the source text using an N-gramm algorithm (with up to 20 elements) and search for them in the cloud termbase through the API;
  • add new terms into the termbase using its browser user interface or directly from the Trados Studio working environment.



Access to the cloud termbase is granted via a Logrus Global user account. An existing account may be connected via the Options window (Language Pairs -> All Language Pairs -> Termbases), which is also where the terminology source as well as the N-gram element number are determined.

The plug-in will automatically display any found terms in the Term Recognition section and highlight them in the Translation section.


The TermLode plug-in is free to use. It is intended for use with the Trados Studio 2017.

New Logrus Global accounts may be registered from this page.
The plug-in is available at SDL AppStore here: http://appstore.sdl.com/app/termlode/992/.

11 June 2019

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