RIGORA 1.0 ALPHA is a technical and linguistic quality assessment (QA) tool from Logrus Global Software Development Team.

With RIGORA, you can run the most widely used technical and linguistic checks on localized (bilingual) files both of software and documentation for the following:

  • Punctuation, tags and placeholders, etc.
  • Invalid characters
  • Untranslated source words
  • Consistency of the source text against the target, and the reverse
  • Consistency with the Translation Memory
  • Terminology adherence against external and customer-specific glossaries
  • Prohibited terms and stop words
  • Advanced search and replace with conditional parameters
  • And much more – the total number of checks exceeds 600

The errors can be fixed in place within the tool itself: no external editors needed!

Join the ALPHA Testing campaign and get a 30-day free trial upon registration. The Testing campaign is currently open for priority corporate users — the developers of content or buyers of translation services.

For more details about the tool, see: https://logrusglobal.com/rigora.html

8 June 2018

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