Our company has received two international sectoral certificates: ISO 17100 and ISO 18587. The certification was conducted by Austrian Standards plus GmbH, a subsidiary of Austrian Standards International.

The audit, which we passed, confirms that Logrus Global meets the requirements of the ISO 17100 standard for process and other requirements for translation in cases where machine translation is not used. On the other hand, the audit in accordance with the new ISO 18587 standard confirms that we have the experience, qualifications and resources essential for the high-quality post-editing of machine translation, the application of which is rapidly expanding.

The management of our company took part in the development of the ISO 17100 standard. Sergey Gladkov participated in the work by providing numerous comments to the standard at the final stage of its discussion as a representative of the Standardization Committee of the International Association GALA (GALA Standards Committee). The ISO 17100 standard, as a calque of the DIN EN 15038 standard dated 1999, essentially comprises the minimum requirements for work in cases where machine translation isn't used.

Responding to the needs of the time, we participate in the development of modern standards for the quality control of translations and processes within the working committees of ASTM International, a global association for standardization. These are committees WK46396 and WK54884, as well as the working group of the standard ASTM F2575 "Standard Guide for Quality Assurance in Translation," a more modern and incomparably more elaborate standard. It is almost ready and soon goes to the final stage of voting. Follow our news!

ISO 17100 confirms the quality organization of classical translation processes. The new ISO 18587 standard confirms the experience and qualifications for high-quality post-editing of machine translation.

30 April 2020

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