Logrus TMX Edior 2.4 has been upgraded to Logus Global Goldpan TMX/TBX Editor 3.0. The editor provides the essential text editing and language quality assurance tools for terminologists, editors, and translators. Now you can:

  • Create, open, browse, edit, and save bi- and multilingual aligned parallel texts in TMX format and termbases or glossaries in TBX format
  • Import, browse, and edit content of TMX, SDLTM, XLIFF and SDLXLIFF files
  • Run linguistic and terminology checks
  • Remove markup tags
  • Execute complex search queries over termbases or bilingual texts (including * wildcard)
  • Merge and split parallel texts
  • Merge termbases
  • Apply complex conent filters
  • Export all content or selected segments in several output file formats
  • And more…

The Goldpan TMX/TBX Editor is available for free upon registration. Check for updates!

18 October 2017

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