Goldpan Logo Goldpan is a multi-functional TMX/TBX file editor and file format converter. It is indispensable for preparing data sets used to train machine translation (MT) engines, whether they are statistical (SMT) or neural network-based (NMT).

Version 3.3 offers the following new and enhanced features:

  • A brand new Find and Replace functionality, enhanced with regular expressions;
  • Filtering by the Note/Prop fields;
  • Additional highlighting for the number of cells selected;
  • A Close button;
  • An upload limit for large files: if a file doesn’t fit in the free RAM space available, a warning pops up and the download is cancelled;
  • Fixed cell copying/pasting error (inserting of extra ‘\r’ in the end of the line when parsing);
  • Fixed tool-id tagging error (issue with XLIFF files);
  • Fixed ribbon error (freeze upon minimizing a window).

The Goldpan TMX/TBX Editor is available free of charge upon request. Follow our updates!

5 November 2019

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