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Freelance translator and post-editor

If you are a devoted translator, have positive attitude and ready for machine-translation post-editing, then you are welcome to join our team.

Freelance translator

If you are a devoted translator, have deep knowledge of languages and positive attitude, then you are welcome to join our team.

Technical editor

Use your expertise as a Freelance Technical Editor to help us advance the world of localization. We are respected for our high-quality localization services.

Game Localization Editor

We are looking for a freelance editor for RU<->EN language pair. In this role, you will be responsible for making the text in video games fun, immersive, and a pleasure for players to experience. Daily activities include: writing dialogues, re-naming skills so they follow a common theme, sorting through the nuances of complex time travel stories and rewriting them so they're emotionally compelling, and working with other editors to decide zone names, punctuation rules, NPC personality quirks, and more.