If you are a devoted translator, have positive attitude and ready for machine-translation post-editing, then you are welcome to join our team.

We are looking for freelance translators with proficiency in various fields.


  • language pairs: EN <-> DE; ZH <-> EN; EN <-> MN; EN <-> NO; EN <-> FI; EN <-> DA; EN <-> TG; EN <-> FR; EN <-> SV;
  • topics: marketing, law, IT, business, video games, medicine;
  • types: marketing materials, interface factsheets, encyclopedia factsheets, system messages, interface messages, lists of objects and skills for videogames characters; internal video games texts: tasks, dialogues etc.


  • translating various content types within the established deadlines;
  • post-editing machine translations;
  • working with structured and unstructured documents (for example, in MS Word);
  • translating whole products: web pages, context-sensitive help-files, examples, error messages, and other customer-related materials;
  • using SDL Trados Studio and cloud-based translation tools (Smartcat and others);
  • copywriting of content and instructions.



  • 1+ years of relevant experience within translation;
  • 1+ years of experience as a freelance translator;
  • 1+ years of experience within certain thematic fields.

Language proficiency:

  • using appropriate grammar, punctuation, spelling, style for both target and source languages;
  • demonstrating proficiency in using dictionaries as well as reading and translating without dictionaries;
  • analyzing, identifying and resolving variances in word meanings and ideas within a written document so that none of the original information is lost in translation;
  • explaining cultural references including slang terms, idioms and other phrases that do not translate literally to the target audience;
  • keeping the voice, attitude and context of the original work intact throughout translation;
  • modifying translation to meet customers’ experience.

Computer skills (experienced user):

  • Word, including ability to use a revision tracking mode;
  • using translation tools (SDL Trados and others).

To apply you need:

  • to update your CV;
  • to fill out the form;
  • to attach your updated CV to the form;

Be ready to complete a test translation and get your first project!