Logrus Global makes fundamentally new translation services available in several advanced technological directions at once, with cloud-based simultaneous interpretation being one of them.

The company Logrus Global has entered into a partnership agreement with the SPEAKUS team, which created the simultaneous interpretation service. The SPEAKUS service is a cloud platform that allows you to organize simultaneous interpretation without using standard bulky equipment, via the Internet. Despite the apparent simplicity of the idea, its practical implementation, as always, is full of subtleties. The SPEAKUS and Logrus Global team jointly develop and improve the platform and its application to business processes.

Customers are delighted!

The only thing the event organizer needs to take care of is adequate Internet access.
We organize the rest ourselves: we provide access to the application with the transfer of high quality audio and video, we select highly qualified simultaneous interpreters, we provide full simultaneous interpretation service at the event.

  • When using the cloud platform, translators can work remotely, which allows you to forget about the costs associated with travel and accommodation.
  • There is no need to rent expensive equipment and to take care of personal receivers.
  • It is possible to hold events of any size, significance and format: from a small meeting to conferences, seminars, mass forums and summits.
  • The time needed for preliminary preparation is significantly shortened – ordering simultaneous interpretation becomes possible literally at the last minute.
  • Now there is an opportunity for simultaneous interpretation at event formats and venues where it was previously impossible.
  • The spectrum of available simultaneous interpreters is expanding substantially.
  • Recordings of webinars and simultaneous interpretation of online video interviews online are feasible (http://www.kamilltv.ru/episodes.html#episode4).

The Logrus Global team, as the official distributor of the SPEAKUS platform, invites everyone who wishes to use the platform on mutually beneficial terms to do so.
By tomorrow you’ll be able to conduct events yourself with the help of the platform. We’ll explain the specifics of its application, conduct training in technical and—most importantly—business processes, so that you can take advantage of the most up-to-date, fundamentally new potentialities with a significant cost reduction compared to traditional simultaneous interpretation.
We invite for cooperation all those who regularly conduct multilingual events: managers of event venues, event agencies, research and educational institutions, translation agencies and agents.
Become an exclusive partner in your city and region!
Make use of unique innovations and offer clients something that no one else has!

17 Mai 2018

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