Newsflash! Logrus Global ranks 8th among 20 of the largest localization service providers (LSP) in Eastern Europe. These rankings have just been published by the independent market research firm Common Sense Advisory in their recent report.

Logrus Global confirmed its status as one of Top 10 leading language service providers in Eastern Europe, a successor of the former Logrus International company. Having cut out the deadwood from a 23-year navigation of the depths of the localization market, Logrus Global has gotten a second wind. The strong team of experienced translators, editors, terminologists, multilingual project managers, inspired designers, skilled localization engineers, proficient application developers, and web programmers allow the company to offer the highest level of localization services, exceeding industry standards and successfully implementing our long-term technology development strategy. Everyone is welcome to contacts us and benefit from what we can do for you!

3 Juli 2017

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