More and more consumers use special mobile apps on their phones and tablets for shopping. Phone cameras function as barcode scanners and users are able to compare current prices on the same kinds of products in different shops. Everything leads us to the idea that the Internet of Things - a concept of a realistic self-organized network of material objects, equipped with internal technologies for communication with each other or with the external environment - is becoming a reality already now.

Consumer devices for trading industry

Every day consumer devices become smarter and smarter: phones are used for scanning, portable data storing and controlling food value indexes. QR codes, barcode printing and other modern technologies like Apple iBeacon make shopping an interactive, context-sensitive personalized process.

Retail business always forges ahead

Large retail companies already use such kind of technologies in one way or another. Smart shelves in stores will continue the revolution in the shopping industry. Over the next few years, customers are going to witness cash terminals disappear, space planning inside shops improve, and more and more sellers in market places will start accepting payments using tablets and smartphones.

What can you do to prepare yourself for the Internet of Things?

Not to be caught unprepared, you should be ready for the Internet of Things. It is necessary to implement a multichannel strategy. Your webpages should be ready for browsing on any type of mobile devices with any kind of form factors. Your digital marketing means should be ready to interact with the user in any way convenient for them — through a landing page, email or text message. And of course, you should be ready to collect data via users' mobile devices.

Digital marketing is substantially changing the way marketing process works. It offers immense opportunities - just do not be afraid to use them. Note the principle - digital marketing works! Succeed with us!

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