If you think that online advertising is the same as digital marketing, we have two news for you - good and bad. The bad news is that online advertising is only the tip of the digital marketing iceberg. The good news is that you will find out a lot of new things about essential modern methods of promotion, such as remarketing, search optimization and Internet of Things.

What is digital marketing?

It is promotion of products, services and brands via online channels. Today, underestimating of digital marketing amounts to business lost. Modern customers are constantly online. Their main source of information for making purchasing decisions are search engines.

Got some doubts? Check out Google Think Insights. You will learn that:

  • 48 percent of customers begin their search for information using search engines;
  • 33 percent of them go to websites of major suppliers;
  • 26 percent search using mobile applications.

So, in fact, there is no other thing, which is more important than search traffic for your business.

Where do we start?

Digital marketing begins with the understanding that its sources and audience are, first of all, people. People create marketing messages and they get them, too. Knowledge about products, services and brands, popularity and reputation exist only in people's minds. The first, the main and the last that digital marketing makes is creating relationships between suppliers and customers, wherever they are. Therefore, always remember the five main rules:

  • Every client is an individual;
  • Every customer has a job, hobby and their own lifestyle;
  • It is important to know where is your client now: both online and in the real world;
  • You should visualize clearly what the perfect result of each interaction with a customer is and achieve it;
  • It is important to find an appropriate way of communicating with your client. What is the form-factor of devices that your customer mainly uses to read your messages, for example?

If you will do everything correctly, digital marketing will help you work with your customer more closely, purposefully, and meaningfully. The client will receive your messages more often, understand them to a fuller extent, and trust them more.

How can we help you?

We will correctly design your landing page and templates of your messages for your emailing list. Your communication with customers will become a multi-channel one, and they will be able to receive information from you with comfort.