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14 February

Hi Alex,
Our reviewer commented again that the quality is very good! Please let the translator know to keep up the good work!



31 October

LQI Report ID: 251910
Evaluation: Exceeds Expectations
% of Correctness: 100%
Total Word Count: 10000 words
Sample Word Count: 1000 words

19 October

Yes, we were happy with translator. So were we last time, next time we have two good options!

5 June

Hello Julia, Victor, Anastasia and Rossana,
I just wanted to thank you for your help in making the tight scheduling for FI and SK work.
Everything went smoothly in the end and I do appreciate your digging into the grind to complete the tasks on time.
Until next time…
Have a great weekend,


17 May

Hello Teams,
Please find attached LQA feedback. If there is anything to arbitrate, please send back your commented scorecards not later than on Friday, 2/6 12:00 CET.
RU – the score is 100 and no changes made.



2 March

Hi Irina, 

Just wanted to give feedback on translation. It's very well done. People are actively using it and I haven't heard any negative feedback whatsoever, which usually could be case for the first iteration of technical translation. Reviewed it myself, and I can say you set the bar very high, standard of delivery. Joint development of glossary was important of course. There was some internal discussion how we should approach translation, and we had some alternatives, I am glad we have chosen Logrus in the end, which was my vote. Price was reasonable as well, because you have discounted on words repetition, and by nature of manuals for different equipment type, there are fair a bit of repetitive sections. 

Thanks again to Alexander, Irina and Logrus.



23 July

Likelihood of Working Again (LWA): 5 *
Comment: I love, love, love how easy Logrus makes it to submit invoices. It's the best system I've ever encountered. All around, a great agency - professional, cares about quality.


15 June

Hi Artem,
I thought you were celebrating the holiday in Russia today :) Your great reliable support is much appreciated. We were able to deliver one day earlier than requested, thanks to your extra-dedication.
Many thanks & kind regards,


5 June

One more thing  – I would really express our BIG THANK YOU to you as well as to your great linguist’s work on this project!


27 May

Many thanks for your reliable support, Artem & colleagues!

Best regards,


25 May

Hi Tanya,

Thank you very much for the delivery and hard work on completing this project so quickly! It is much appreciated.

Our apologies for the short notice and inconvenience of this off-cycle drop. Had I known earlier I would have sent a heads-up email in advance.

Thanks again!

Best regards,


8 April

Thanks Fedor,

I’m very happy with this job you’ve done for us, for sure we’ll work together again.



2 March

Thanks a lot Andrei,

Your fast delivery allowed us to have EFIGS for the release.
Any chance we will get another package before the weekend?

Kindest Regards,



5 December

Hi Artem,

the internal customer is very pleased about your swift processing of the translation request! 

Many thanks & kind regards,


28 November

Dear Victor,
Thanks a lot for the translation! It looks perfect and I’ll deliver it to the team later soon :)
Best regards,


14 November

I would like to thank you and your team again for all the support you have provided in making this event a success. Not only the onsite support, but also the material production and the translations have been very good. So THANK YOU :)

Have a great weekend & looking forward to working with you again soon.

Best regards,


2 October

Hello Ekaterina and Andrey,

i just wanted to say thank you for the document, that was translated by your agency into Ukrainian. The quality was VERY GOOD! Please stay in touch with the translator, who did it :) ! I hope to ask you about further translations soon! :)


9 September

Dear Artem and Andrei,
In any case, I wanted to let you know that I did a review of the presentation (as I do language quality checks and I am a translator myself), and the translation was great. The content was very difficult for translation, but it was wonderful. Thank you for all of your hard work on this demanding project.
Best regards,


9 September

Dear Yuri, 

Attached you can find results of the LQI (Language Quality Inspection). 
Overall translation quality - accuracy, language, style, terminology, functional, regional, compliance  is fine and I have no comments/objections.
I would like to congratulate you on this great result! 
In advance thank you very much!

Best regards,


9 September

I'm pleased to tell you that she was very satisfied with the translations, there was not much to correct :)

You too, enjoy your evening,