19 April

Thanks very much for all the work you put into re-working the translation. Our client contact came back with positive feedback: "I should say I am quite satisfied with the provided translation. It looks professional. Which is great.
Thanks again for doing such a good job!


12 April

I would recommend you to contact Logrus with job description, they might help you with printing for reasonable price. We have several years of good experience, and recommend them with full confidence.

Sergey <::company::>

31 March

I want to thank you for your efforts and your help on this job. Thanks to you, we were able to deliver a qualitative file to our client within a tight deadline.This should avoid us negative consequences in our relations with this company.


28 March

Andrey, thank you for the work. I am happy with our first Logrus experience.

Ivan Komashinsky,Microsoft

14 March

Heheh, I forwarded the tool to my colleagues. They are impressed, you are indeed a king of engineering Vadim! :)
Where do you get the time to do this? – perhaps the cold weather keeps you indoors with your laptop too much? :)
Thanks a lot!

Stephen <::company::>

24 February

Thanks for your help
Always a pleasure working with you

Regards, Alessia

22 February

Translation quality meets standards and reads well. I reviewed all the files and uploaded QA form into Ratings.
Thank you very much for your efforts and hard work!


13 February

Thank you very much for your faithful support.
Thank you for meeting the time.

Seokgen Moon Samsung HQ DPD

30 January

You and your team are making a real difference to a lot of people around the world...


8 January

Many thanks for your help, we really appreciate it! Our technical folks found a solution along the lines you suggested and your comments were very helpful to take us onto this path. Wishing you a great festive season!

Teddy Bengtsson idea-factory.net


21 December

 We really enjoy working with your loc team, they have done great job (the best loc team we have been working with indeed;-)).

Peter Nagy CEO 3D People Studios, s.r.o

20 December

It’s been a pleasure working with Logrus on this localization. This was definitely one of the most smoothly handled localizations we’ve dealt with

Brett Norton, TimeGate Studios, Inc.

2 December

You are star!!!
Thanks for your support to <::company::>
Looking forward to hear from you .


2 December

The file looks very good and very clean. I am impressed!


17 November

Excellent work German, I should be able to review the remaining components today and tomorrow, so next week we can hopefully start to see final components.


17 November

Good morning, Serge, Thank you - you are No. 1!


17 November

I just received the CDs. Thanks very much. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you very much for all you hardwork towards <::soft::>. I enjoyed working with you....
So good luck in your job and I hope to work with you sometime in the future again....


17 November

Thank you and Logrus for your work on this project. It was rather small in volume but complex in organization, given that Logrus was delivering localization & testing for languages that you usually do not do for <::company::>.

Overall I was happy with the performance of your company, and I was also satisfied with the level of communication we maintained during the project - just the right balance for a "black-box" kind of work.

... I am looking forward to working with Logrus on other projects in the future.


17 November

Thanks Gene, that's excellent. Everything I need is there.


17 November

Our publisher liked so much what you did with the three files that you finished today that she asked if you could finish the publishing work.