Internet, loved by many people, - erstwhile only the toy of scientists and military - has become a medium for promotioning products and services of the daily demand by now. The prime tool of promotion are search engines that index texts - and they do it in a smarter way with every single day.

Writing proper texts has become especially important in that regard. Written word becomes an increasingly popular product, and text creation - a fast-growing service.

Schools teach writing to everyone, but not everyone can create understandable and interesting texts. Only the few individuals are capable of writing POWERFUL texts.

These individuals usually turn writing into their profession.

Copywriting is a service of writing texts to order. Customer also receives the copyrights to the text - of course, if it is specified in the contract. Copywriters are highly sought after in all fields: professional writers create advertising texts and mottoes, articles with native ads and without them for newspapers, magazines and websites, scripts for television and radio programs, memoirs of celebrities.

The core of this service implies that, unlike a journalist or a writer, who express their views in their texts, a copywriter expresses the views of the customer. A copywriter has no right to their own opinion; the only one thing they can allow is to encode their own name using the first letters of paragraphs in the article they are writing to order . However, creativity is expected from a copywriter. The challenge a copywriter faces is to convey to the reader the customer's full massage from the informative, marketing or advertising standpoint.

Types of Copywriting

Copywriter's work volume is usually measured in signs with whitespaces. If you are wondering, why we take whitespaces into account, thenwecansubmitatextwithoutwhitespaces.

It is customary to devide copywriting services into the following types:

  • Names and slogans.  You ask a copywriter to create 10 to 25 slogan alternatives and then select the best one. Even if the final text will contain only 250-500 signs, this is the most complicated and expensive type of copywriting requiring high professionalism and solid experience. We don't know how much the great creative professional Dan Wieden earned for his slogan "Just do it" for Nike, but the company made billions on it; therefore, you should never underestimate the power of a slogan. As to working hours for coming up with these three words, it must have taken at least a couple of months.
  • Basically, classic copywriting is creation of a new unique text on a predetermined subject. For example, description of goods or services "from scratch". A copywriter should create interesting and informative texts without exceeding the allowed number of words and following stylistic requirements. For example, a text for a website must not contain any long sentences or big paragraphs. A press release format determines the number of words and the structure. A marketing text cannot be too much like advertising.
  • Interview. It is not enough to have a talk and write it down. It is necessary to write it out and perfect the resulting text.
  • SEO-Copywriting. It is a type of copywriting, where an additional requirement to a new text is frequent and natural integration of key words or phrases.
  • Rewriting. It is frequently needed to rewrite an already written text (or several texts) into a new and unique text. This requires from a copywriter the ability to describe the existing thoughts in their own words (and make the text interesting), to make a text longer or shorter (adjust it to the target volume), to make a text more or less strict, to redirect it to another audience, etc. Labor intensity hardly differs from classic copywriting.

How to find a copywriter and work with them

The best way to order the services of copywriters is to contact an agency that specializes in providing these services, such as Logrus Global. We will choose a copywriter for you, who will be well-versed in your subject of interest, will agree to your rates and will be ready to complete the job within a specified deadline.

In order to obtain the text you had in mind, you should set a task for your copywriter. The more exact the task is, the better and faster the job will be completed. Besides the subject, type of text, wordage and deadline, a copywriter must know the target audience - this will determine the copywriter's choice of language, rhetoric and structure for the text. The more is known about the target audience, the easier it will be to reach out to this audience and find adequate reasoning. However, if you work with us, you won't need to worry about it - we will define the task ourselves. All you have to do is share with us what you are looking for. That is - if you know it yourselves. Even if you do not know what you are looking for, never mind - just order a few variants.

Classic Terms of Reference (ToR):

  • determines the subject of the text;
  • indicates where the text is going to be published and what its target audience is;
  • determines the number of words and the deadline;
  • determines the structure and the content of the text, including the presence of subtitles, quantity and volume of quotes, subject elaboration level;
  • contains materials to use or Internet links to them;
  • always includes magical spells that allow us to successfully complete your order.

They say that a non-contradictory and correctly composed ToR ensures that there is no communication gap between clients and copywriters. A copywriter must complete the work all the way and fulfill all requirements of the ToR. Actually, this is nonsense. You either like the result of the work right away or not. Because this is art, and you are hardly interested in how to stretch a canvas on a frame.

If you are going to have an interview with a copywriter as part of ToR, prepare for the conversation well, as if for a public report in front of an audience. If you manage to explain to a copywriter your subject in a brief and concise manner, the copywriter will be able to create the text you are looking for in the best and cheapest possible manner.

Believe us, working with copywriters is more exciting than communicating with individual contractors when remodeling an apartment... Demand breeds supply, and independent search among those, who call themselves "copywriters", whose work is at least fine to accept, will require us to extend deadlines and push the budget several times. Our workflow arrangements are simple, efficient and inexpensive, and you are guaranteed to like the result.

If you are serious about your business, you have no alternative but to call on us.

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