Logrus Global has dedicated, separate production group specializing in 3D modeling and Augmented Reality applications.

How we create 3D models: the process.

Now we will show you some models, right from the screen.

To see them, please download the Open Access mobile application:


Eros on the dolphin III-II Century BC. Look at this picture through Open Access app that you have just installed.

Eros on the dolphin

Our models of State Hermitage sculptures, made on exclusive permission of State Hermitage Museum:

Look at this fastfood tray paper through Open Access app.


Augmented reality can change the reality – download application and look at this picture of the rock star group Picnic through application window:


Examples of 3D Models:

Werewolf Figures Giraffe Giraffe

Video of Augmented reality:

Success story: St.Petersburg GINZA food chain implemented "Outdance donut contest" project: clients are asked to take dancing video with dancing donut and publish their video on Instagram. The winner will get a prize.