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20 April

Hi Petr,
Thank you very much for your excellent work. Please note that the client is pretty satisfied with the changes that are suggested by you.


15 April

I didn´t say thank you for this... THANK you!

Kind regards,

13 April

Again, we appreciate your attitude and carefulness. I do hope that the vendors of other languages I’ve cooperated were just like you. Thanks so much again for your team’s efforts!

5 April

Dear Natalia,

Many thanks for your excellent work.


4 April

Dear Andrei,

I wanted to share with you some positive feedback that I've received on one of the last performed marcom translations by you.The reviewer made only minor changes for these materials and was very satisfied with the high quality of the translation.Please allow me to add my thanks for you and your team for a very good work you've provided.

Please continue working like this J
Best regards,

30 March

Hello Olga,

Thanks for your on time delivery. By the way, we just got the feedbacks from client, saying that the quality is excellent, thank you for your hard work!!



22 February

Hi Artem and Alice
It looks perfect! Thanks a lot for the effort you put into this microsite. I recognise it was a tricky one. But you are experts now in this kind of content, and that means a lot to us.
Best regards

14 February

I didn't think you could impress me further, but alas, you have done so once again!!! Many thanks!!




21 December

¡Gracias Denis! You’re the best!!!!


7 December

Thank you very much for your great support, the event went well and you and your team are also part of our success. Again many thanks.

6 December

We checked your latest translations, all were a pass, thanks for the good work. Keep it up!

3 December

Dear Partner,

I would like to inform you of the positive feedback we have received on the translation quality for project <::soft::> .   Below are the exact words of the reviewer:

Thank you for the brilliant translation, I’m really happy to have materials of such quality.

Once again, thanks for all of your great work on this series of projects.  Let’s strive to keep the positive comments coming!

Best regards,


25 November

Dear Partner,

The translation of the files has been finalized and you can now proceed with formatting.  After Regional Review, no incorporation of changes were needed. 

Thank you very much,


22 October

We evaluated the translation in French and Chinese internally and I had my German distributor evaluate the German version. We are quite happy with the quality of the translated material along with the price and lead time.

14 October


You are awesome!
Thanks a lot!


29 June

Hi Galina, 

I just wanted to send you a quick feedback on the translation.
The client was happy with the quality and should I get more requests for this language pair I will definitely send them to you.
Thanks and kind regards


20 May

Again thanks a mill for your work on this, much appreciated.

I will also send a mail to our vendor management team to let them know my positive feedback on Logrus’s cooperation and can highly recommend your services.


19 April

I just wanted to share the below feedback with you as I think you deserve the pat on the back and thank you for making us look good:

‘I think your translator did a very good job - because this was the best translation of IMA from external manager that I ever see in my 8 years experience

9 March

...the client was very happy with the Russian text so don’t worry too much, just keep up the good work

Thank you,


5 March

That’s done it!

Really, thanks very much for your help with this one…
Have a nice weekend. ^^