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4 April


YOU ARE THE BEST! Thanks so much! I will send the file for QA later today and will need back ASAP.



1 March

Hi Yuri,

I have appreciated the work and the timing. Please ask to your administrative department to send us the final Purchase Order.

Best regards.


21 February


I just wanted to thank you for all your efforts and time regarding kiosk arrangements for Technology day.

Thank you,


13 February

Dear Dmitry,

First of all I would like to thank you for your very quick and professional translation.I sent today the first part with all 3 document to the customers so we are in timeline.

I am now just waiting for last document expected for Wednesday. Please after sending last translation part, send me directly the invoice so I can start payment process.

Really, you helped to let us be in time in our project.

Thanks a lot!!!!

Best regards


13 February

Hi Victor,

Thanks for your delivery!  I really appreciate your flexibility.

Best regards,


20 January

We only have 2 small corrections here. The overall translation was considered “perfect” by our partners.

Thank you!



15 December

Hi Roman,

The file is well received. I would like to thank you and your team again for the great help on this urgent project.

Best regards,


15 December

I’ve just delivered to ***. Thank you everyone! I appreciate the team effort!


12 December

Dear partner,

I have received in-country review feedback for your files: No changes!

Thank you for the good quality!


21 November

Hi there Yuriy

I have some great news RCI are very happy with the translation you provided and have no alterations for you.

This is great news and I thank you very much for your efforts so far!

Kind regards


14 November

Hello Nadya

I’ve noted your really strong quality performance on audio recording.

Have a nice day


2 November

Hi Alexander,

The quote is approved, and yes, I need them in Mexican Spanish. I get great comments from people reviewing your translations – in Russian especially, most documents don’t need any modifications. Spanish is always a little more difficult, but they are quite pleased with your translations.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

Best regards,


6 October

FYI and thanks from me as well :-)

".. thank you so much for your help in providing this last minute translation. Please, let your translators know that we appreciate their help and prompt answers."


19 July

Hello Svetlana,

first of all – <::company::> is very very happy with the Russian translation.
Can you tell me which translator you used for the translation?
Can this translator do every job request from <::company::>? Do you have a special team for these job requests?
It would be great if this is possible because they were very happy.



17 June

You are at the top of our list of preferred vendors for a good reason.


17 June

Thank you for being accommodating to our business needs. You have proved that you have an excellent team and this is what we value most in our collaboration.

15 June

Dear Elena,

Thank you very much – the translation is really good! Thanks again for the quick work!

19 May

Hi Natalia,   

Once again, thank you for all your help and it is always a pleasure working with you!


27 April

Hi Petr,
Thank you very much for your very diligent work


25 April

Hello Dmitry,

Thank for your translation services for us here. We have enjoyed working with you.